About Us
Reno, NV is home to a new and unique Live Music Venue and “Barcade,” the Psychedelic Ballroom and Juke Joint or PB&J's. PB&J's showcases the largest privately held rock concert poster collections in the World!
The owner, Chris Hubbell, has created a one-of-a-kind entertainment venue, featuring live music of all kinds from Rock, Metal, Country, Blues, Reggae, Hip Hop and E.D.M.

Besides the hundreds of rare and beautiful posters adorning the walls, you will also see classic pinball machines such as the original Classic Kiss Pinball and The Who’s Wizard Pinball.

PB&J's has been created with the root concept of combining live music with a visually stimulating atmosphere.

Chris, the face of PB&J's has been an avid collector of rock posters since the early nineties. He is featured in the book, “The Art of Modern Rock” by Paul Grushkin and Dennis King. He was also featured on the cover of the Reno News and Review in the Fall of 2014 for his extensive rock poster collection.

Chris has worked both sides of the music industry and was heavily involved with poster collecting and creating, having commissioned works for such bands as; The Melvins, Clutch, Skrillex and Cat Power.

Come in weekly for “Concert T-Shirt Tuesday’s”! Just wear your favorite concert or band’s t-shirt and receive amazing drink specials. Guests are also encouraged to bring in and share their favorite music.

Tech Board

Sound Board
Tech Specs

EAW LA-325 x4 (mains)
EAW SB-250 x4 (mains)
EAW LA-128 x2 (mains)
Crown i-Tech 4000
Crown i-Tech 6000
Crown i-Tech 8000
Crown Macro Tech 3600
EAW LA-215 x4 (monitors)
QSC PL 3.4 x2 (monitors)
Bi amped Drum Wedge

5 total mixes on stage for monitors
Behringer x32 FOH
Behringer x32 MON
Each with own lines and gain stages

from Shure, Sennheiser, Audix,
EV, Lewitt
2 Showrooms!

2 Showrooms!

Ballroom Chris

Meet the Owner ~ Chris Hubbell

Classic Kiss Pinball Arcade

Classic Kiss Pinball "Barcade"

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